Le Mirage
Le Mirage
Le Mirage

Le Mirage


+ 3mg
+ 6mg
RTA only

Single or Dual coil, up to 2x 3mm airflow. Ultra-small PEEK chamber reducer. Limited E-JOURNEYS 4 x 10ml sample pack bundles available ( reduced price ) .

Material : Stainless Stell & PEEK Diameter: 22mm Height: 33mm Tank capacity : 2.8ml Wick hole: 3.2mm for coils on a 2.5mm pole

Adjustable airflow: 

  Single coil: 0mm up to 3mm or 2x 0mm up to 3mm   Dual coil: 2x 0mm up to 3mm


  • extra o-rings
  • pink teflon hole plugs
  • extra center-post screw for large-guage builds
( 0 ) available

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